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This is what Gauntlet stands for:

  • Continually analysing the insurance pain-points suffered by clients and reducing or removing them.
  • Not accepting the ‘norm’ in insurance, but continually challenging what can be.
  • A commitment to the best possible service for clients right across the network.
  • Striving for better ways of delivering insurance products, to make life easier.
  • Supporting and partnering with committed local brokers who share the Gauntlet vision.
  • Driving forward the renaissance of the local broker, combatting the de-personalisation and lack of choice and flexibility that comes from big, me-too and global insurance companies swallowing up dedicated independent firms.
  • Putting personal touchpoints back into arranging insurance.
  • Forging relationships across the insurance and IT spectrum, to continually lift our proposition to new heights.
  • Ensuring the best possible cover and premium options are available to clients, every time they buy or renew their insurance policy.

If this looks and feels like your kind of insurance broker, find your local specialist now.