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Cyber Insurance

Tailored insurance protection, arranged by calling, 0113 244 8686, or any of our local brokers direct, for:

  • protection against losses caused when your computer systems are hacked and fail
  • compensation for losses from online shops that cannot function after a cyber attack
  • IT support from specialists in the world of cyber crime
  • speedy clean-up and restoration of hacked computer systems
  • crisis PR and reputation management support following a cyber attack
  • reimbursement of payments made to those suffering from your attack

No business can stick its head in the sand when it comes to cyber crime and data breaches. Both cyber criminals and GDPR data protection laws could catch your business out, if your systems are vulnerable. No business, of any size, is off the cyber criminals’ radar.

Cyber insurance will protect both your business’s operations and help rectify the impacts you have on others. The cover will be triggered following a security or privacy breach and will compensate you for losses incurred. This could relate to restoring data and IT systems, ransom payments or the cost of replacing lost data.

It might also cover the cost of notifying all customers and contacts of a breach and take into account the loss in business you suffer, whilst systems are down and you cannot trade. Regular business interruption cover will not protect you, in this instance.

Not all cyber insurance policies are the same and you need one that does the right thing for your business. This typically means minimising your downtime, which is why having a policy that affords access to top IT professionals, who can help you get everything back up and running fast, is so important.

Your policy should also deal with all the repercussions of an attack. It should help manage your reputation, address liability claims and help you defend any GDPR-linked legal cases.

Having cyber insurance isn’t enough. You need the right cyber insurance, so talk to us about this today, by calling our Leeds-based local brokers on 0113 244 8686 or your choice of local broker from the list here.


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