Internal Crime Insurance

Tailored insurance protection, arranged by calling, 0113 244 8686, or any of our local brokers direct, for:

  • losses caused by theft or forgery by employees or third parties
  • internal fraud
  • impacts on others caused by internal crime

A sad fact of life is that many businesses suffer from theft and fraud committed by employees and it is often the most trusted employees who are the perpetrators.

Whether it is through money transfers, manipulating figures or putting ghost employees on the payroll, many employees commit crimes against their employer each year.

Without crime insurance, a business could suffer significant losses from such internal theft and fraud. There could also be unrecoverable costs associated with compensating any clients or other third parties whose own monies are affected by the crime.

Rather than being too trusting, put the right insurance controls in place to prevent your business becoming a victim of crime by an internal employee or contact. Talk to one of our Leeds-based local brokers today, by calling 0113 244 8686, and get your safety net in place. Alternatively, select a local broker from our network.


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