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Buying an insurance policy anticipates a need for a claim, even if you hope one will never arise. Rest assured, if it does, our team of local brokers will help guide you through it, trying to get things resolved by the insurer as speedily as possible.

They may also be able to work with you, to help you put together any evidence the insurer may require, or point you in the direction of experts who can assist you with your claim, such as property loss assessors and total loss business interruption specialists.

Our brokers will offer advice on Apps and other online tools that you can use to help reduce your claims ratios. They also keep a keen eye on their clients’ claims performance and advise where improvements in risk management can be made, to help lower the number of claims experienced, or avoid future claims altogether.

This is yet another advantage of working with specialist local brokers who care about your business and the factors that can disrupt it. It’s all about added value, both before a claim occurs and after it has had an impact on your business.

To find the local broker who might suit you best through your insurance and claims journey, just choose here, or talk to one of our Leeds-based local brokers on 0113 244 8686.



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