Corporate Personal Accident (PA) and Travel Insurance

Insurance protection, arranged by calling, 0113 244 8686 or any of our local brokers direct, for:

  • assisting and compensating employees for accidents during working hours
  • evacuating employees from overseas locations, if injured or amidst political unrest or natural disasters
  • practical support and medical care for employees overseas
  • fulfilling your duty of care for employees at home and abroad
  • safeguarding yourself from liability claims made against employees overseas
  • upholding corporate reputation

Corporate Personal Accident (PA) and Travel Insurance is a popular insurance option amongst businesses keen to fulfil the duty of care that the law expects of them as employers and who understand the impacts that not doing so can have on corporate reputation.

It is also a valuable employee benefit and one that can help employers attract the best talent.

The cover protects employees harmed or injured in the UK workplace but will also assist those who suffer an accident or incident overseas and who then need health or medical assistance or practical support that will rectify their situation.

The cover can provide for evacuation and repatriation, overseas medical care, medicines and treatments and sometimes the travel costs of family members, who wish to be reunited with a loved one impacted by an event. It can assist with aspects such as baggage delay and theft or loss of passports, visas, keys, money and equipment. It can also pay liability claims, if the employee does something wrong when representing their employer.

Should the worst case scenario occur, the policy will also pay out compensation for loss of life. Long-term treatment and care is also typically covered.

If your employees are an important asset, it pays to protect them and show them that you care. Our broker network can help you to do that. Talk to one of our local Leeds brokers on 0113 244 8686 or select another local broker here.


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