Top-notch Local Brokers

Gauntlet Group is a commercial insurance broker network brimming with dedicated local brokers ready to help you find the very best insurance package and premium for your needs. Our local brokers are based nationwide and you can find them via our Find a Local Broker Map.

A powerful force behind this local broker network is the Leeds-based Gauntlet HQ team. This HQ team also serves customers directly, offering SMEs, larger businesses and private home and motor owners the very best combination of insurance advice, premiums and policy coverage.

This means you can also find them via the map, if you want them to quote for you. Just input ‘Leeds’ as your location.

As importantly, this HQ team also tests sales campaigns for the local brokers within the Gauntlet network. Its input is pure gold, as it provides the blueprint for best practices and acts as a seedbed, trialling new ways of advising customers of the exceptional insurer products that the Gauntlet Group can access.

No other network can provide this valuable service to its local broker appointed representatives, as none of our network competitors have the structure we have created. We literally utilise our in-house team’s commercial and personal lines broking expertise, to help foster the growth of independent brokers wishing to achieve the same high standards and serve customers in the best possible way, with a personal and informed approach.

All of this means that, if you want to find a local broker, you can do so with confidence with Gauntlet, as our HQ team has invested its time and knowledge in each and every one. Just use the map and decide which local broker would suit you best.