Private Medical Insurance: the Answer to NHS Strike and /Waiting Lists

Are NHS waiting lists making you feel anxious about your healthcare?  Are you now thinking you need to take healthcare into your own hands?  Do you believe the care you would receive would be better, if you took a look at private medical insurance and private healthcare?  Is that the answer?

These are all questions that leading commercial insurance broker, Gauntlet Group, asked of British consumers, at a time when Britain’s NHS waiting lists have already been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and when NHS strikes are making headlines.

The results of an independent survey, commissioned through Censuswide, showed many Brits are concerned about accessing the right healthcare through the NHS.   Others are worried about current strains on the NHS and believe some of the pressure should be taken off it, by those who can afford to pay for private healthcare via private medical insurance.

What the Gauntlet Group private medical insurance survey discovered

One-fifth (20%) of British consumers now believe individuals in Britain need to look after their own healthcare, by taking out private medical insurance.  19% feel those who can afford to take out private medical insurance should do so, to ease pressure on the NHS.

Whilst one-in-ten Brits say they don’t agree with private medical insurance as a matter of principle, a similar proportion also say they are considering it, in the current healthcare climate.

Similarly, around 10% also say they believe the private healthcare that they would get, if they were policyholders with access to private medical insurance, would be better than that available on the NHS.

Interestingly, only 11% of Brits say they currently have private medical insurance, either via a company scheme or because they have bought it privately.  This leaves nearly 9-in-10 Brits wholly dependent on the NHS for their healthcare.

How Gauntlet Group can help you find the right private medical insurance

Gauntlet Group’s network of brokers has many affordable private medical insurance options for those worried about their, or their loved ones’, healthcare.  Our brokers also have company schemes that can help keep directors and their families better protected health-wise.

Benefits include being able to access treatment faster, choosing a hospital at which to be treated and being referred for a vast array of specialist services.  You could also benefit by having a private room whilst in hospital and also possibly have a policy that also protects family members.

Private healthcare also provides employees with an additional employment benefit that could assist employee retention rates and similarly help attract the best workers.  This could be crucial, at a time when the talent pool is shrinking across most sectors and recruitment is becoming harder by the day.

If you have concerns about healthcare provision and what would happen to you, or your family or employees, should a health issue arise and you were stuck in a long queue for healthcare, please get in touch.

One call to either our Leeds-based brokers, on 0113 244 8686, or to one of the local brokers who best suits you, as sourced here, could provide you with affordable private medical insurance that will quickly help you access both medical consultations and treatment.

The costs are probably far more affordable than you think, so check them out.  At least, if you definitively know what it would cost, you can tell yourself that there was no other option than to wait for NHS treatment, should the need arise.  Let us try to steer you towards your best option and give you all the facts you need, to arrive at your own medical healthcare decision.


Photo thanks to Zhen H, on Unsplash

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